Cattleya List


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Cattleya Mericlone Plants

Irene Song 'Montclair' HCC/AOS


Remake of a very popular splashed petal.  5" white flowers with darker red and yellow flaring.  Easy growing plants that bloom twice a year

4" pots




Slc. Best Friend 'Cleopatra'

4-5 inch reddish lavender flowers.  Very round shape.  Compact growing plants.

4" pots




C. walkeriana 'Manhattan Blue'

Blue form of walkeriana.  Excellent

4" pots




Blc. Taiwan Queen 'King's Monkey'

Large 6 inch yellow flowers with bold red edging on petals.  Attractive red lip.

4" pots




Blc. George King 'Serendipity'
Larger image

Large salmon peach colored flowers.

4" pots




Lc. Mem. Robert Strait 'Carmela'

3 inch white flowers with heavy red flaring on petals and sepals.  Round form with dark red lip.  Compact plants.

4" pots




Lc. Mem Robert Strait 'Blues'

A new variety.  Everyone has 'Blue Hawaii', but 'Blues' is a better flower.  Good 4-5 inch flowers with very heavy substance.  Striking bluish lip with bold flaring on petals and sepals.

4" pots




Lc. Magic Bell 'Peach Parfait'


Clusters of orange flowers held high on tall spikes.

4" pots




Pot. (California Apricot x Malibu Gem)'Hawaii'

Medium size red orange flowers.  Compact growing plants.

4" pots




Blc. Toshie Aoki 'Carmela'

5-6 inch yellow flowers heavily covered with red and orange flaring.

4" pots




Blc. Dora Louis Capen 'Lea' AM/AOS

Large 5-6 inch yellow flowers with darker red flaring.  Attractive red lip.

4" pots




Pot. Haw Yuan Gold 'YKNo.2'

One of the best yellows around.  6-7 inch golden yellow flowers.  Good round shapes on easy growing plants.

4" pots




Blc. Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon' AM/AOS

Large yellow green flowers

4" pots




Slc. Wendy's Valentine 'June' HCC/AOS

4 inch deep scarlet red flowers with bright yellow in lip

4" pots




Blc. Lawless Romeo 'Orange Glow'

5 inch yellow orange flowers with darker red lip.  Heavy substance.

4" pots




C. Dupreana 'coerula' subvar. 'Kodama'

Large bluish flowers on strong plants

4" pots




(Lc. Jungle Elf x Sc. Beaufort) 'Lakeland'
Larger image

Miniature plants.  Yellow flowers with red lip.  Always blooming, even in 2" pots

4" pots




Blc. Ronald's Canyon 'Koko Head' AM/AOS

Very spectacular 9 inch light lavender pink flowers.  Good substance and flat shape.  Large strong plants.

4" pots




Blc. (Aloha Case x Hunting Island) 'Hawaii'

Compact plants with showy 4-5 inch dark reddish lavender flowers.  Always blooming during the year.

4" pots




Lc. Canhamiana var coerulea 'Azure Sky'

Lavendar blue with darker edges, lip darker blue lavendar





Stlma. Kelly 'Lea' (B. nodosa x Ctna. Keith Roth)
Larger image

3 inch orange red flowers with a touch of yellow in ip.  Easy growing plant.  Always blooming.

4" pots




Hknsa Sogo Doll 'Little Angel' AM/OSROC
Larger image

2 inch splashed petal flowers held high on tall spikes.  Lavender flowers with white, yellow and red flaring.  Multiple spikes.

4" pots




Blc. Hawaiian Wizard 'Carmela

5 inch white flowers with attractive red lip.  Easy growing compact plants that will bloom 2 times a year.

4" pots




C. The Friendly Third x (Bob Betts x Ruth M Johnson)

5-6 inch White

4" pots




C. Chocolate Drop x Blc. Bingham Vick

Dark Red

4" pots




Cattleya Seedlings






Lctna. (Ctna Maui Maid x L. purpurata carnea)

Light purple with dark purple lip, small blooms

4" pots




Pot. [Jane La Four x Blc. (Dawnray x Destiny)]

4 inch solid yellow

4" pots




Pot. (Blc. Bouton D'Or x Carolina Spring Fantasy)

4 inch yellow/orange to peach.  Large plants

4" pots




Carolina Orange Glow x C. Aurantiaca

1 inch orange

4"  & 5" pots




Pot. (Lc. Spring Fires x Carolina Splendor)

expect red / orange

3" Sq,  3 " sq, 4", 4"




Blc. Sugar Loaf Mountain (Rivermont's Gold x Lc. Ann Folis AM & CCM/AOS)

Lc Ann Folis AOS Description: A spike of ten flowers with cream tepals; slight pink overtones; spade lip, solid dark cerise; side lobes cream with cerise spot on each tip; heavy substance    Yellow/green with red lip

3" Sq, 3", 4", 4",  5", 5", 6"




Lc. Grosnez (Culminant x Drumbeat)
Larger image

Large Lavender Fragrant





C. gaskelliana x Summer Ridge
Larger image

Med size summer blooming White- Fragrant

3", 4", 4"




Pot. (Mem. Billy Perryman x Slc. Wendy's Valentine)
Larger image

Beautiful red with yellow on the outside and center of trumpet shaped lip

3" sq, 3", 4" & 4", 5"




Blc. (Amy Wakasugi x John MacArthur)

cream & cerise, heavy substance crossed with large lavendar

3" Rnd & 4"




Pot. Lawless Rheingold (Blc. Kure Beach x Slc. Orglades Early Harvest)

Yellow blooms on compact plant          Kure Beach and Orglades Early Harvest are yellows

3" Sq & 3", 4", 4", 5", 5"




Blc. (Lc. John MacArthur x Bouton D'or)

Combines Gold, apricot, lavendar

3" Rnd & 4", 4", 5", 5"




Pot. (Fortune Teller x Blc. George King)


3" Sq




L. lobata, alba

White - Try this one to become award winner

3" Sq, 3", 4", 4" , 5"




Pot. (Blc. Kure Beach x (Chimney Rock x Western Peak)

Kure Beach is a yellow

5", 5"




C. Saint Katharine Drexel (David Bishop x Summer Ridge)

White  Fragrant