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The Valentine's Sale has ended, but check out these continued Sale Orchids
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Just till the end of February though!
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Picture provided by Mrs. Miller

Den. amethystoglossum
Clusters of small light amethyst flowers, darker lips.  Flowers emerge from slender canes.  Spring.  From the Philippines.
A 60 degree chill for a week, should initiate buds

We have had wonderful buds and blooms and very happy customers.  See the picture from one of our customers.
4" pots
Mature plants
Now in January we have open blooms and buds.  Great size plants, full of buds, multiple groups

See shipping info. above

  Den. chrysanthum One in 3" pot with long pendulous cane & new growth $35 See shipping info. above
  Den. crumenatum
The Purse Shaped Dendrobium  & The Pigeon Orchid 

Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Sri Lankha, Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas, Sulawesi, Sumatra, New Guinea, Christmas Islands and the Philippines
Plant full of tall and pendulous growths - lots of canes
Has bloomed
Growing it hanging
$55 See shipping info. above
  Den. Fire Wings (Big Alex x Silver Wing)
Short 12" canes, evergreen.  Very attractive sprays of 3 month light violets, dark lip
1- 4" pots
Mature, has bloomed

See shipping info. above

  Dendrobium forbesii 2 1/2" square pot
Good growths
$25 See shipping info. above
  Den. jenkinsii
Mature plant that has bloomed.  Tiny growing plant.  Mounted on wire.  Water as it dries.  Has been growing well in bright light
The plant grows & stays very small.  The blooms are small rounded yellow/gold.  Very good for small growing space.
Hainan China, Assam, eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Myanmar and Laos
This is a miniature plant - mounted on wire - Has bloomed $35 See shipping info. above
  Den. Jaqueline Thomas 'Blue Hawaii' x sib 1 - 4" pot
Has bloomed
Has lots of growths

See shipping info. above

Den. kingianum This is a wonderful, well growing, easy to grow orchid with small pink very sweetly fragrant blooms.
One great thing is that in Nov-Dec these are coming back into bloom and they bloomed in April this year also.  So twice a year blooming !
We grow them in pots and mounted on cork.
Great choice because:
1.they are coming into bloom with several spikes on each plant, 2.they look great and 3.they are fragrant, these orchids are selling fast and there is a very limited supply of them.

Native to Australia

Does best in bright light
Greatly reduce water and eliminate fertilizer from mid fall until new growth appears in the spring.
4" pots
 This is the second time in less than a year that they have bloomed. 
In Jan in bloom and bud
Many sets of blooms
 Wonderful Fragrance

Was $45
Now $39.95

See shipping info. above

  Den. nemorale
Philippine orchid
Blooms Spring, flower under 2"
3" pot with new growths $35 See shipping info. above
  Den. purpureum   red
"The Purple Dendrobium" 
Moluccas, New Guinea, the Caroline Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu
In 4" pot
Mature, many long canes
$35 See shipping info. above
  Den. Roy Tokunaga 'Semi Alba' x 'Spots' One Mature plant in 4" pot $35

See shipping info. above

Den. unicum 3N       The Unique Dendrobium
Mature - Miniature plants - Some have bloomed - growing great  
Have small orange blooms 
For the winter these loose several to all of their leaves.
From Vietnam, Laos, Myanman and Thailand
Mounted, mature, miniature plants $25 See shipping info. above
  Den. Yellow Song 'Canary' In Bloom !!! $35

See shipping info. above

  Dendrobium nobile  White with pink blush on edges and pink in lip Mature
In Bloom !!!
$35 See shipping info. above
  Dendrobium nobile Purple with White Mature
Has bloomed
$35 See shipping info. above
  Den anosmum also known as Den. anosum, Den. superbum   Species Dendrobium   From the Philippines.  Purple blooms with a trumpet shaped lip which is very dark purple. As shown in the picture it grows in a long pendulous fashion The plant (nobile type) looses its leaves and grows in hot to warm conditions.  Can produce keikis
Keep it on the dry side from October until Spring when new leads come, then water and fertilize again very strongly for its next growth. It blooms in the Spring and it comes from where the leaves were Wonderful fragrance


  Den. Nestor sold    
  Den. antennatum var. d'albertsii sold    
  Dendrobium bracteosum  Mini
From New Guinea Fragrant Pink/White Summer-Fall bloomer
Has enjoyed bright light part of the day, but not direct light
  Dendrobium thyrsiflorum Yellow and white Summer bloomer  Grows in Intermediate temperature Has enjoyed bright light part of the day, but not direct light SOLD    
  Dendrobium faciferum Mini Has bloomed twice Small orange blooms Takes a small pot SOLD    
  Den. Super Ise (Super Star x Ise)  This nobile type Dendrobium has won AOS awards.  should produce white blooms tipped with light lavender. Pendulous growth and produces keikis SOLD    

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