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The Valentine's Sale has ended, but check out these continued Sale Orchids
 Additional Sale Items on Sale Orchids Page 
Just till the end of February though!
Shipping:  The shipping charge to the customer is exactly what the shipping cost is, plus $10 for boxing.  (more for very large boxes)  
Usually shipped by US Post Office Priority Mail

We also sell the Wooden Vanda Baskets and the Octagonal Plastic Orchid Baskets  See Baskets for more information
Please contact us about these.

Picture Description   Price


Ascda. Kultana New Release
Young plants
Raise your own Vanda
$25 See shipping info. above

Ascda. Arunee Honey Moon

Young plant $25 See shipping info. above

Vanda Wirat (V. Madame Rattana x. V. Coerulea) x V. Patcharee Delight

Young plant $25 See shipping info. above

Vanda Kasem’s Delight x Ascda. Vilas

Two Young plants $25 See shipping info. above
Vanda Kasem’s Delight x Mem. Katherine Mc Cartney (V. Fuchs Delight x V. Doctor Anek) Young plant $25 See shipping info. above

Vanda Pure's Wax (V Doctor Anek x V Kasem's Delight)
Blue Purple  Large Flowers


Young plants $25 See shipping info. above

Vanda Bangyeekhan Red x Vanda coerulea

Young plant $25 See shipping info. above

Rhynchovanda (Rhv.) Thailand x Ascda. Varut Fushia

Young plant $25 See shipping info. above

Yellow with spots

Ascda. Suksamran Spot (Ascda Kultana Brown x Vanda Udom Gold)
Yellow with spots
Young plant $25 See shipping info. above
White with Orange Spots Vanda Kultana Gold 'White Spot'
White with Orange Spots
Young plant $25 See shipping info. above
Two tone peach / maroon Ascda. CF Yellow Sapphire 'Jose Luis Garcia AM/AOS x Vanda sanderiana 'Robert' AM/AOS
Two tone peach / maroon
Young plant $25 See shipping info. above
Large Raspberry Spotted Vanda Crownfox Velvet 'Shamuari' AM/AOS x Vanda Crownfox Sky 'Blue Lace' AM/AOS
Large Raspberry Spotted
Two Young plants $25 See shipping info. above
Large Bronze / Yellow Spotted Ascocendra Boris 'Iron Boy' AM/AOS (Ascda. Thai Spots X V. Pranerm Ornete) x Vanda Robert Sorenson
Large bronze / yellow  Spotted 
Parent Boris 'Iron Boy' is a wonderful yellow
Two Young plants $25 See shipping info. above
Yellow Vanda Charlie Clark x self
Two Young plants $25 See shipping info. above

Vanda Brigton's Ruby Jewel (V. Doctor Anek x V Simitrun)

Two Good size, strong, mature Vandas with great roots  Have bloomed
Picture is of one just as it was opening
In bud again Feb 2017

See shipping info. above

Vanda Jukkich Gold x V. denisoniana
Wonderful plant Long lasting blooms Bloomed May, also in June/July
Has a wonderful wonderful fragrance - denisoniana is known for fragrance



Vanda (Vasco) Roll on Red (Vasco. Crownfox Red Gem X Ascda. Peggy Foo)

Scarlet red, shiny, waxy flowers.  This is a compact plant
Picture does not do it justice

Wonderful mature plant
Picture is this orchid
$54 See shipping info. above

Vanda Joe Bull   Creamy with spots on top and maroon on bottom


Vanda Betty Mae Steele

Wonderful mature plants
Picture is of one of these orchids
$45 See shipping info. above
  Vanda Chulee Delight Two
Wonderful mature plants
$45 See shipping info. above


Vanda Rasri Gold x Vanda Prapathom Gold

Great plant
Picture is this plant
$45 See shipping info. above

Sunset colors

Vanda Goodwin's Thai Sunset
As the name indicates, the color will be a type of sunset color.
Blooming Size
In Vanda basket
Great plant and roots
$45 See shipping info. above
  Vanda Princess Mikasa Blue (Ascda. Royal Sapphire x V.coerulea) in bud $45 See shipping info. above
  Vandopsis (Vdps) parishii var marriottiana
From Thailand
Copper w/ lavender lip
Bright light, warm grower, Spring bloomer,
long lasting fragrant blooms
Young plant growing very well $35 See shipping info. above

Neofinetia, called the Wind Orchid
Neostylis types



Neofinetia falcata 
Neofinetia has been reclassified to Vanda
Fragrant, white, Spring-Summer bloomers Intermediate-Warm growing
Miniature - good for windowsill or under lights.
Mature to
Blooming Size in 3" mesh pots

See shipping info. above

Neofinetia falcata variety Shutennou
This has pink flowers - Color similar to picture
Not showing well in the picture is that there is color in the stem.
2 plants to choose from
One smaller in 3" mesh pot
Then one that is larger and quite a prize, with multiple growths and at this time has 3 spikes which they show color
This is potted in the traditional style in a Neofinetia pot




See shipping info. above
Variegated leaves, white flowers Neofinetia falcata Asahiden
This has variegated leaves
Flowers are white
Mature plant
multiple growths of variegated leaves
$80 See shipping info. above
Should expect yellow blooms Neofinetia falcata 'Koka' x Ascofinetia Lion Star
Cool tolerant miniature
Lion Star parents are falcata x Sagarik Gold
Sagarik Gold parents are miniatum x curvifolium
Have two only one now
Each has 3 growths
$35 See shipping info. above
Expect the color that shows in Blue Bird above, but more of it. Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Kultana' (Rhy. coelestis x Neofinetia (now Vanda) falcata)
                             Very Fragrant
In 4" Vanda basket
Great plant
$35 See shipping info. above
Neostylis Lou Sneary  (Vanda (was Neofinetia) falcata  Kokakuden x Rhyncostylis coelestis 'Ching Hua Blue')
Full, has bloomed $45 See shipping info. above

Neostylis Baby Angel (Neo Lou Sneary x Neofinetia falcata var Kokukuden)
These one inch blooms with a pink/rose blush & stem

One, mature,
multi growths
in 3" mesh pot
$35 See shipping info. above
Small, Creamy Green Blooms with spur at back of bloom Vanda Green Light ((Was Christensonia) vietnamica x (Was Neofinetia) falcata var armani)
  Darwinara Charm 'Blue Star' (Neofinetia falcata x Vascostylis Tham Yuen Hae) x Neofinetia falcata 'Hisu'

Darwinara is made up of [Ascocentrum x Neofinetia x Rhynchostylis x Vanda]
A Small plant yet $28 See shipping info. above
  Darwinara Charm (Neofinetia falcata x Vascostylis Tham Yuen Hae)

Vascostylis is made up of [Ascocentrum x Rhynchostylis x Vanda]
This has three growths
in 3" mesh pot
$35 See shipping info. above
Ascocentrum (Asctm.) curvifolium
Small, but several orange blooms that bloom upright.
Ours bloomed in April into May
Mature plants that have all bloomed.
In 4" square vanda baskets
$35 See shipping info. above
  Ascocentrum (Asctm.) ampullaceum
Short, stiff leaves, miniature, hot to cool growing, many small blooms, likes high humidity and bright light, needs a slight drying out and cooling in the winter.
In 3" mesh pots
Strong growths
$30 See shipping info. above
Ascofinetia (Ascf.) Petite Bouquet (Ascofinetia Cherry Blossom x Ascocentrum ampullaceum)

According to website: Registered in 1965 by W.W.G. Moir, parents Vanda Cherry Blossom x Vanda ampuliacea
This picture is of it in bloom now July 2017
In 4" Vanda basket
In spike for second time this year
$45 See shipping info. above
Angraecum bosseri
Have six wonderful plants, growing well in 3" mesh pots $25 See shipping info. above
We do not have a picture
Fragrant blooms are green and white
Angraecum comporense syn superbum
This is now a several years old plant.  We mounted it on cork and it has tripled in size and has large strong roots imbedded in the cork crevices.  It has been growing in bright indirect light.  It gets down to 60s in winter and 80-90s in summer.  It is a winter bloomer and is near to blooming size now.  When it blooms the flowers are fragrant.  The green with white blooms are positioned along it's bloom spike.
This would be an excellent choice for someone.  We have spent the time and given it the care to get it to its strong self.
Mounted on cork
Good size
Great roots
See the complete information to the left

See shipping info. above 

  Angraecum Lemforde 'White Beauty' (magdalenae x sesquipidale) x Angraecum superbum
Large waxy white blooms with long spur from the back of the bloom.  Has a very pleasant night fragrance.
Have one
Mounted on cork

See shipping info. above 

Angraecum leonis
These lovely plants are blooming size and are potted.  They are compact growing plants which makes it easier to find room for these. The smooth flat leaves that form a fan shape feel like they are puffy.  There are multiple fan shaped growths.  Wonderful looking plants.  Can bloom twice a year as mature plants.  These have been growing in the same environment as the Angraecum comporense listed above.
multiple growths
Blooming size plants
One in bloom on two spikes

See shipping info. above 

Orange Red Flowers

Renantanda Sunrise (V. (Neof.) falcata 'Pink' (Kokakuden) x Ren. imschootiana)

Renantanda (Rntda.) comes from Renanthera (Ren.) crossed with Vanda
Many orange red flowers
In 3" mesh pot
Good size growth
$45 See shipping info. above

The fragrant blooms are white with larger red spots

Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Cartoon' Many blooms along the inflorecsence that are highly fragrant.  Blooms are white with larger red spots.  The pattern gives it its name. SOLD    
Rhynchostylis retusa

From Thailand
See picture of the blooms of this plant


In 8" pot
Doing well
Has bloomed - see picture
$65 See shipping info. above
  Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Blue Bird' Now Vandachostylis (Neofinetia (or Vanda) falcata x Rhynchostylis coelistis) SOLD    
  Angraecum sesquipedale x self Native to Madagascar Large ivory white, star shaped blooms Fragrant, long lasting blooms SOLD    
   Aerangis ellisii x self It looks like a bird  spur that comes from the back of the flower The blooms are all along a cascading bloom spike that puts on a long lasting show.  bloomed in Oct SOLD    
  Ascacenda Orange Delight x Ascda. Kultana Gems SOLD    
  Rhynchostylis gigantea red From Myanamar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hainan China, Borneo, and the Philippines Medium sized - monopodial, Warm to hot growing, Vandanaceous epiphyte, Blooms in autumn and winter, Sweetly fragrant blooms Last for about two weeks They need ample bright light and even watering and fertilizer through out the year. SOLD SOLD  
  Vanda Doctor Anek x V. Fuchs Sunset SOLD SOLD  
  Vanda Pachara 'Garnet Delight' SOLD    
  (V. Bangyeekham x Fuchs Delight) x Vanda Bitz's Heart Throb SOLD    
  Ascda Kulwadee Fragrance No 2 SOLD    
  V. Kultana Fragrance x Dr. Anek 4N SOLD    


Neosytlis Lou Sneary 'Blue Bird' SOLD    
  Neostylis Pinky 'Starry Night' (Neofinetia falcata x Rhy. gigantea) Tiny white blooms with magenta/maroon spots SOLD    
  Rhynchostylis gigantea   Orange Form


  Rhynchostylis coelestis x Neofinetia falcata  Growth is a little larger than falcata.  Blooms are pink to purple with color on bloom spike SOLD    
  Vanda Blue Boy These budded and bloomed in the Spring and again in Nov - Dec and when people saw them every one was sold.  These seem to be easier to bloom. e. SOLD    
        Vanda Roberts Delight 'Red' SOLD    
  Vanda Bangyikhan red x coerulea SOLD    
  Vanda RD's DL Sky Blue SOLD    


Vanda Pornpimol x Vanda Simiron ‘Dang’ SOLD    

We have some beautiful roots on our Vandas. You will really be happy with these plants.

We invite you to come, see them and add some to your collection.

Thank you to each of our customers!
It is you who make this a business and a wonderful experience.
We invite you to come to the greenhouse (by appointment) and
enjoy the ever changing environment of blooms, plant growth and orchid offerings.
Dale and Phyllis Erikson  Still growing and enjoying orchids after more than 30 years

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