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Picture Description Size Price Shipping
  Please contact us if you need help with knowing what the bloom looks like.  We can also take a picture of the often very interesting plant and send it to you.      
   Aerangis ellisii x self
Intermediate to Warm Growing, Summer Bloomer,
White blooms have a long spur at back of bloom
Pendulous Spikes up 25 inches long,
Flowers have a Gardenia like fragrance.
Flower is approx 1.75" wide and 9-10" tall
Have two in 2" square pots.
Great plants
$30 See shipping info. above
  Angraecum sesquipedale Synonym bosseri
Has 1 to 6 creamy white to green waxy, long-lived, fragrant blooms through the winter.  Keep consistently wet year round.
3" mesh pot $25 Above
  Angraecum comporense syn superbum
This is now a several years old plant.  We mounted it on cork and it has tripled in size and has large strong roots imbedded in the cork crevices.  It has been growing in bright indirect light.  It gets down to 60s in winter and 80-90s in summer. 
winter bloomer and is near to blooming size now.  Fragrant.  The green with white blooms are positioned along it bloom spike
Mounted on cork
See the complete info to the left
It bloomed!!!!!
After waiting years it bloomed

See shipping info. above 

Angraecum leonis
These lovely plant, blooming size and potted.  Compact growing,  makes it easier to find room for these. The smooth flat leaves that form a fan shape feel like they are puffy.  There are multiple fan shaped growths.  Wonderful looking.  Can bloom twice a year as mature plants.  These have been growing in the same environment as the Angraecum comporense listed above.
Blooming size plants
One in bloom on two spikes

See shipping info. above 

  Anoectochilis chapaensis  Golden Flower Jewel Orchid 3" pots $25 See shipping info. above

Ascocentrum ampullaceum
Grows in brighter light
This is a picture of one of the plants in bloom
3" mesh pots
Mature size plants
$30 See shipping info. above
Asctm curvifolium   These have been moved to the Vanda genus
From Asia, India, Philippines, Taiwan Beautiful orange blooms  Grown in Vanda baskets in bright light
One is growing in a 6" wood Vanda basket
Others are growing in 4" plastic Vanda baskets
See shipping info. above
  Calanthe arisanensis
From Taiwan
In clay orchid pot $45 Above
  Catasetum macroglossum
This is an Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, Colombian and Peruvian deciduous epiphytic.    Blooms summer/fall on new pseudobulbs
4" pot $25 Above
Catasetum (Ctsm) pileatum v Imperiale 'Live Oak' HCC/AOS x Ctsm. John C Burchett 'Ursa Major' FCC/AOS
Although this is not only a species, but a species crossed with a hybrid, it is worthwhile to list here.  Two awarded parents.
This is a deciduous type of orchid - loosing its leaves in the winter and needing a winter dry time.   Bloomed in the summer to late summer
Mature plant $55 See shipping info. above 
  Coelogyne speciosa x Coelogyne usitana 3" $30 Above
  Dendrobium forbesii
fragrant  Slightly reduce water and fertilizer through the winter months and it is best put in a pot with a fast draining medium.
3" square pots $30 See shipping info. above
  Dendrochillum wenzelii 3" square pots $30 Above
Dendrochilum glumaceum  
From the Philippines
This picture is our glumaceum in bloom, blooming as of 7-1-15
Long cascading spike is made up of several delicate small fragrant blooms.
This is a small growing plant.
It is getting bright indirect light and is doing well with the warm temps.
1 - 4"  Full
Has bloomed
See picture
$45 See shipping info. above
  Ellanthus oliganthus 4" round pots $45 Above

Encyclia cordigera 'Hinomanu' x self
From Mexico and more
Winter and spring, fragrant flowers that bloom from the mature pseudobulb.
This is one of our cordigera.  Beautiful plant, pseudobulbs and roots This grows great and looks great
 Growing  mounted & seems to suit them very well - they grow great, showing their rounded pseudobulbs and their prolific roots
After years of growing
Also see Mounted web page
$45 See shipping info. above 
  Encyclia tampensis  Syn: Epidendrum tampense
This is a native of Florida and is also called the Florida Butterfly Orchid. 
Have three in 3" pots
Doing great
$35 See shipping info. above
Epicyclia (Epy.) Mabel Kanda x E. belizensis
Mabel Kanda parents are ((Epi.)Epidendrum cordigera x Epidendrum paniculatum syn. floribundum)
The picture is our group of these potted in decorative ceramic orchid pots measuring about 4" across.  Wonderful plants with a bulbous base.
Mabel Kanda blooms are green and rose/pink
In 4" decorative ceramic orchid pots
Near blooming size
$35 See shipping info. above
  Eria hyacinthoides 3" pots
Have bloomed
$35 Above
  Eria javonica 3" square pots $25 Above
  Grammatophyllum stapeliiflorum 2 1/2" square pots $25 Above
  Kefersteinia pulchella 3 1/2" pot
Growing well 
$35 Above
  Liparis bootanensis
From the Philippines as well as other countries.
This also likes humidity, but is warm to cool growing. Found growing in the ground, on rocks or in trees.  They have distinct pseudobulbs with a pair of bright green veined 8" leaves, long spikes with many small size blooms, don't open all at once. 
Green w/ dark-green stripe down middle of the square lip, free flowering.
Mounted on Cholla wood
Mature plants
Lots of new growths
Also see Mounted web page
$39.95 Above

Liparis condylobulbon
The picture of the plant is as of Dec 2015.  There are two places where it is preparing to bloom from - comes from within the two leaves.  It is enjoying growing on this mount.
Mounted on Cholla wood and growing well.
Division from mature plant
$25 Above
  Lockhartia oerstedii
Shade, growing in moss, keep damp  Has rick rack type growth
2 1/2" square pot
Has grown a lot
Now has 3 growths
$35 Above

Lophiaris lanceana or Oncidium lanceanum
Found in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guianias and Trinidad
mule ear leaves that blooms in the summer and fall with fragrant, waxy, long-lasting, variable colored flowers
2 1/2"

Ludisia discolor (Haemana) 
Jewel Orchid
Fragrant white flowers

1 - 4"
Easy to grow
Also listed on Other
$35 Above

Lycaste macrophyla
This has multiple long lasting blooms
These are divisions of this plant

4" Good $35 Above


Macodes petola
Jewel Orchid
Lightning bolts in leaves that sparkle in the light

Have new plants
In 3" pots
Growing Well
Also listed on Other
$25 Above
Maxillaria tenuifolia  commonly called the Coconut Orchid because the blooms smell like coconut. 
You really can smell the fragrance.
Growing in indirect medium to bright light, in cool to hot temperatures.
Has one flower per inflorescence and the fragrant blooms remains within the leaves. Has pseudobulbs and the plant has a stacking growth habit with narrow draping lovely leaves.
3" pots
All mature and have bloomed
Coconut Fragrance
$25 Above
Maxillaria variabilis  From Mexico and more
This grows small and has pseudobulbs.
The bright yellow bloom tucks in the small growing plant.
This blooms more than once a year.
The picture is one of ours.
I have successfully used this in a Terrarium
Larger wonderful plants in decorative ceramic orchid pots growing fantastic
  Miltonia spectabilis var moreliana  'Jean' AM/AOS x 'Newberry' AM/AOS
"The Outstanding Miltonia"  
From Brazil
4" pots
full plants
$35 Above

Monnierara Millennium Magic 'Witchcraft' FCC/AOS
fully mature plants
Have bloomed
$55 Above
  Neofinetia falcata For Neofinetia and Neofinetia hybrids,
See Vanda 
Oeceoclades maculata "The Spotted Oeceoclades"
terrestrial  Very attractive plant found from southern Florida to other countries Warm growing, winter bloom, Green with white & red lip

This also has very attractive mottled leaves
Two 4"
Growing well
Have bloomed
$45 Above
  Pholidota chinensis 6"
4 3/4"
  Pholidota imbricata 5" decorative ceramic orchid pot
5" clay orchid pot
Each has bloomed

  For some interesting information on the genus Pleurothallis (Pths.), please go to the Wikipedia webpage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pleurothallis
This has been an extremely successful and easy orchid for us to grow.
Pleurothallis anfracta "The Bent Pleurothallis"
From Tolima Colombia
picture shows the plant and the successive blooming
3 1/2" pots
Small growing orchid
Tiny dark, black sequential bloom
Plant pictured is in bloom now from last years spike with new spike also
Plus two more plants
$45 Above
  Pleurothallis pectinata (Acianthera pectinata) Not available right now    
  Pleurothallis quadrifida was Stellis quadrifida 
Costa Rica
Grow in a pot or mounted with semi-shade and give cool to hot temperatures with year round moisture and good air movement.
One In 3" pot
Growing in moss in medium light.
$35 Above
  Psychopsis  Click here to go to Other      

Rhynchostylis gigantea Orange
The bloom color should be peach to orange, fragrant
They are enjoying bright light.
Can also be grown in a small Vanda basket.
One left
In 3" pot, growing beautifully
$35 Above

Rhynchostylis retusa

This is a wonderful orchid.  Growing well and has bloomed.
We also have some younger plants.
4" pots
One In 8" pot
Doing well
Has bloomed - see picture
Rhyncholaelia (Brassavola) digbyana x self
Is found in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. This takes bright light to grow and bloom well.  Fragrant
The growth habit is short dense stiff leaves.  Is good in spots where tall plants don't fit.  We grow them in brighter indirect light

Blooming size
6" pots
Wonderful New Growth



Sarcoglottis sceptrodes  Terrestrial orchid
Easy to grow
This is much prized for its beautiful leaves as shown in the picture.   It blooms on a tall inflorescence with a Yellow/green to cream duck head shaped blooms.  Very unusual. 
Easy to Grow 
This is a fun plant to have.  Even the roots are interesting.
These bloom for several weeks.  Ours have bloomed around March and April.

One Full size mature plants that has bloomed
In 6" pot
beginning to spike


See shipping info. above 
  Scaphyglottis stellata "The Star-Like Scaphyglottis"
Has small bloom clusters at top of pseudobulb-stem and then 2 leaves.
One 3" pot
One 4" pot
Small growing species
Small blooms that cluster
Have bloomed
See shipping info. above 

Will be tall bloom spikes with a group of blooms at the top that are lavender with curving narrow petals. Has interesting long darker lip with ribbed yellow down center of lip. 

Schomburgkia (Laelia) superbiens
Fragrant, showy, large, long-lasting flowers in late fall/early winter.

Do you like wonderful, full, fresh looking pseudo bulbs?  Then you will like these wonderful ones.  Has not bloomed yet, but has good looking growth.
Also have a group of young ones growing wonderfully well in 4" pots
Also listed on Cattleya Page 1

$30 & $45

See shipping info. above
  Stanhopea frymirei 
From Ecuador  6" Fragrant flowers that bloom in Summer & Fall on long pendant bloom spike
White with yellow and dot that looks like an eye 
We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment
In 6" "Ultimate Orchid" basket potted in moss. $65 See shipping info. above
Stanhopea jenischiana Synonym - Stanhopea grandiflora
From Ecuador and more.  Large fragrant, yellow spotted blooms in spring and fall

Pendant bloom spike
Dry winter rest Grows hot to cool

Picture shows buds and bloom
We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment
In 6" "Ultimate Orchid" basket potted in moss.  Will allow bloom to come out the bottom $45 See shipping info. above
  Stanhopea oculata
From Mexico, Guatemala and more.  Has spots, but one large spot that looks like an eye.  Pendulous spike comes out at the bottom with 5-7 blooms, fragrance of Vanilla and are waxy.
We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment
In 6" "Ultimate Orchid" basket potted in moss $45 See shipping info. above
  Stanhopea warscewicziana
From Costa Rica and more
Medium size, fragrant short-lived flowers occurring in the summer
We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment
One 6" "Ultimate Orchid" basket potted in moss.  $45 See shipping info. above
  Stelis argentata 
tiny flower from Ecuador and more   Blooms summer and fall
In 3" square pot



  Stelis guianensis In 3" square pots



  Stelis quadrifida   Now Pleurothallis quadrifida
Costa Rica
Grow in a pot or mounted with semi-shade and give cool to hot temperatures with year round moisture and good air movement.
In 3" pot
Growing in moss in medium light.


See shipping info. above
  Stenosarcos Vanguard 'Red Stripe' (Sarcoglottis speciosa X Stenorrhynchos albidomaculatum)
Note: Sarcoglottis is a parent of this orchid.  Primary hybrid   This hybrid has the winning combination of beautiful foliage and colorful flowers - light green leaves are striped with silver and form an attractive rosette - tall spires of red tubular flowers flare open at the tips Blossoms last for about a month. Fleshy root system. Flower spike rises above the plant about a foot.  Grow in lower light.  Gives growers a good choice of where to grow.  Potted in Sphagnum moss which is good for this orchid - keep it evenly moist.
We have new ones in stock
3" full pots

One older plant



See shipping info. above
Zootrophion dayanum  Synonym argus
This is a small sized orchid that has a pretty and interesting plant growth.  See picture.  It has been easy to grow.  Growing this in less light has suited it very well.
You are encouraged to buy this and add this good orchid to your collection.

Wide leaves on small stem  Very attractive plant.  Worth having for the plant.
Andes of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador
Have one in 4"-5" clay orchid pots
small growing orchid
$45 See shipping info. above
  Oncidium Kunine (cebolleta x splendidum)  Mule Ear type orchid This is a primary hybrid between two species      


Stanhopea nigroviolacea   The Black Purple Stanhopea from Mexico 
7" bloom, color combination (has some white) is quite spectacular  Pendant, few large blooms, Vanilla fragrance
Blooms Summer and Fall   This picture will give you a guide of what the bloom will look like.
We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment
  Stanhopea tricornis  Long, thin leaves.  Found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru   We are growing this in a very moist/wet warm - cooler/dryer in winter environment Sold    
  Vandopsis parishii var marriottiana  From Thailand  Copper w/ lavender lip  Bright light, warm grower, Spring bloomer,  long lasting fragrant blooms Sold    
  Masdevallia carruthersiana  From Ecuador  Grows warm-cool  Blooms in summer Not available at this time    

Ludisia Lightning (Ludisa discolor var. alba x Ludisia discolor) Jewel Orchid  Beautiful leaves

Encyclia bractescens  From Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala This is a small growing orchid that has cute small round pseudo bulbs.  The blooms are light and airy with a wide colorful lip  This picture is our bractescens Not available at this time    
  Encyclia cochliata Common name is Clamshell, Cockle Shell or Octopus Orchid Can bloom for 6 months starting in the spring It blooms successively. From Florida, Mexico and on south SOLD    
  Dendrochilum magnum "The Large Dendrochilum".  From the Philippines. Flat, tall, thin leaves   Growing very well.  These leaves have strength / firmness to stand up straight and pretty pseudobulbs.  Fragrant blooms, spring & fall SOLD    
Dracula felix from Equador  Grow cool, damp, not too bright SOLD    
  Dyakia hendersoniana From Borneo These are miniature plants, mature, most have bloomed. They bloom with small about 1 inch fragrant, salmon pink flowers with white in the lip.  These bloomed for a long time on a rigid vertical bloom spike with several blooms.  They are in medium light in 3" mesh pots with a well draining mix.  They have a fan shaped growth that reminds me of a Vanda shape of growth.  These stay small plants SOLD    
  Coelogyne fimbriata This fimbriata is from Thailand The Fringed Coelogyne It is growing in a more shaded area SOLD    
  Coelogyne viscosa  From India, S China, Vietnam, Malaysia and more Temporarily not available    
  Lockhartia imbricata Now comes under Lockhartia biserra Flower size about 1/2 inch From Trinidad & Tobago, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil It is a small pendant rick rack plant. Fun style of plant.
Our orchids have been growing in bright indirect light.  It gets down to 60s in winter and 80-90s in summer. Yellow and brown unusual blooms Blooms at any time of the year.  The small blooms are close to the leaves
  Restrepia elegans SOLD    
  Pleurothallis navicularis  Now loranthophylla  From Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia See the picture.  Please notice all of this orchids structure.  Very interesting. The blooms are in late winter and early spring      
  Myrmecophila tibicinis  Was under Schomburgkia (Schom.) tibicinis "The Trumpet Player's Schomburgkia "
From Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela & Colombia often in full sun, better to give less through winter
Dracula cordobae SOLD
  Maxillaria sanguinea  commonly called The Blood-Red Maxillaria  From Costa Rica and Panama  Slightly fruity fragrance  This species is similar to Maxillaria tenuifolia, a broader usually white lip  Occurring in the winter SOLD    

Cymbidium finlaysonianum var. aureum We have been growing this Cymbidium for several years.  We acquired it from award winner Ernie Marshall in Florida as he was retiring from growing orchids.  Warm growing Cymbidium.  It is lightly fragrant.  It has loved the bright light and warm - hot temperature.  Medium height, very stiff leaves,  around 12" - 15" tall.  The bloom spike cascades down.  Occurs natively in Se Asia, Malaya, Sumatra and the Philippines  

  Eria leiphylla From Penninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Sulawesi & Maluku  Hot to cool growing epiphyte with a creeping, brown, wooly-hairy, rhizome Blooms in the winter -  2 to 3 flowers SOLD    
  Gomesa crispa Native to Brazil  Green Yellow Fragrant Summer or Fall blooms  Cool growing SOLD    
  Kefersteinia pellita "The Hair-Covered Kefersteinia" From Ecuador and Peru   Miniature orchid SOLD    
  Myrmecophila tibicinis 'Midnight'  Mounted Was originally listed under Schomburgkia
Bifoliate, very short stock growth  Blue - purple
  Acianthera prolifera Now under Pleurothallis prolifera "The Rich Fruiting Pleurothallis" 
From Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia and Rio De Janiero, Distrito federal, Bahia, Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo Brazil in cloud forests  Miniature 
As I would describe the blooms and where they are on the plant is that the leaves are wide, more rounded and flat.  The flowers come out at the top side of the leaf just where the leaf and stem meet.  It looks like the leaf is presenting the flowers to you.  The flowers are small, colored like ruby to rose. 
Many be all gone    
  Pleurothallis condorensis Many be all gone    
  Pleurothallis dilemma x Pleurothallis teaguei Not available right now    
Pleurothallis sigmoidea This is a absolutely great looking and growing plant.  It easily forms a full plant and blooms.  Many people choose their orchid based on how the plant looks because that is what they see the for the longest time, so buy this one for all of the pluses. Not available right now    
  Restrepia brachypus From Ecuador Flowers at different times with small 1"-2/14" red/orange blooms that resemble an insect      
  Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Cartoon'
Many blooms along the inflorecsence that are highly fragrant.  Blooms are white with larger red spots.  The pattern gives it its name.


Restrepia trichoglossa From Panama, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador  This is a small growing orchid that has an expanding growth pattern. SOLD    
  Sobralia macrantha from Mexico grows cool to intermediate, bright to full sun SOLD    
  Warczewiezella discolor  Was Cochleanthes discolor Growing in medium light. single, waxy, long lasting, fragrant flower that appears from spring through the fall SOLD    
  Den. anosmum syn superbum  See Mounted orchids      

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  Oberonia rufilabris  "The Fox-Red Lip Oberonia" This is a mini orchid from India, Bangladesh, Eastern Himalayas, Assam, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia China and Vietnam The blooms are very tiny and bloom along a densely many flowered inflorescence  This is an orchid to enjoy for the plant itself None    
  Rhynchostylis gigantea   Orange Form


  Stenorhynchus speciosum  SOLD    
  Laelia anceps From Mexico and Honduras  Hot to warm growing SOLD    
  Cycnoches herrenhusanum 'SUV' x herrenhusanum 'Cindy Hill'   Deciduous plants  From Peru, the Pacific coast of Southern Colombia and northern Ecuador  They are beautiful pendant clusters of brilliant yellows and are deciduous plants.. SOLD    
  Dendrophylax funalis commonly called the Corded Ghost Orchid.  It is a leafless plant, only showing the roots.  These roost do like to have sunlight.  The bloom is very small at 2 1/4" and is fragrant. SOLD    
  Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' FCC/AOS  Was classified as Oncidium  Is commonly called the Butterfly Orchid SOLD    
  Epidendrum nocturnum x self Night scented From Central America bloom reminds me of a shrimp Mini size plant SOLD    
  Cycnoches Golden Showers 'HOF#2" (herrenhusanum x chlorochilon) SOLD    


Maxillaria marginata (chrysantha) From Brazil Bright indirect light SOLD    
  Encyclia cochliata  Clamshell or Cockleshell are common names These are easy to grow, slow growers.The lip is up and the petals are down.  SOLD    
  Macodes Petola A jewel orchid SOLD    
     Epidendrum tampense x self  also known as Encyclia tampenses This is a native of Florida and is also called the Florida Butterfly Orchid.  This has bloomed with 4 spikes on its last blooming.  Have one of these. SOLD    

Calanthe rosea From Myanamar and Thailand.  Pink/ rosy small blooms.  This is a deciduous orchid that grows in hot to warm environment.  Blooms Fall/Winter.  Looses its leaves, then it blooms.  During the time it is without leaves, cut back on water / fertilizer, watering just slightly.  When it begins to grow again in spring then resume normal watering and fertilizing. SOLD    
  Galeottia grandiflora, Native to Central America and Columbia Green yellow with brown stripes and white lip,  3 1/2" Cool to warm grower & wants humidity, blooms Spring or Summer, Medium light SOLD    
  Pescatorea cerina, Native to Columbia to Costa Rica White Yellow 3" fleshy/waxy blooms Fragrant Warm to cool    Medium light    Summer bloomer SOLD  


  Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum) vaginatum 'Crown Point' Elongated Yellow white blooms
compact plant under 14", Intermediate to Warm
  Cirrhopetalum (Bulbophyllum) curtsii SOLD    
  Stenosarcos Vanguard 'Fireball' JC/AOC (Sarcoglottis speciosus x Stenorrynchos speciosum) or S. albidomaculatum     Primary Hybrid Does well potted in sphagnum moss, Leaves are very pretty in a rosette shape and are variegated green and silver.  Around Dec spikes start coming up from the center of the rosette of leaves, then you see a reddish spike.  The flowers come from along the tall spike and bloom around 4-6 weeks. SOLD  



  Acianthera (Pleurothallis) aphthosa Bloomed in March 2016 and was still blooming in April And bloomed Jan Feb 2017 Not available now    
  Dendrochilum quadrilobum from the Philippines long cluster of tiny blooms arise from the base of the plant. Has the look of a type of grass.  Thin graceful arching leaves.  Blooms from new growth
Really pretty and has been easy to grow/bloom


  Dendrochilum stenophyllum  from the Philippines long cluster of tiny yellow blooms arise from the base of the plant. Has the look of a type of grass.  Thin graceful arching leaves.  Blooms from new growth
Really pretty and has been easy to grow/bloom
  Dendrochyllum tenellum  Grass like plant  Blooming size  From the Philippines SOLD    
Dockrillia wassellii syn Dendrobium wassellii  From Australia  This orchid has an interesting growth habit.  it travels.  It can bloom in the spring, summer and fall.  Apparently I did not take a picture of the bloom.  They have long white pointed petals with a small lip w/ some ruffling.  Fragrant SOLD    
  Encyclia cordigera    Dark Form
Found in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and Peru
Strongly fragrant flowers
  Gongora catillinera Thin leaves  Is growing in a basket to accommodate the pendant flower spike.  Blooms have a fragrance. From Tolima Colombia SOLD    


Grammatophylum scriptum From Borneo, the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas, The Philippines, Sulawesi, the Solomon Islands, the Bismark Archipelago, Papua and New Guinea, Fiji and Santa Cruz Islands  Sweet FRAGRANCE Lovely long lasting blooms.  Many bloom spikes Large plant, thin leaves, multiple tall bloom spikes
Ribbon winner at Redland International Orchid Festival 2015
Not available at this time     
  Gongora histrionica
Thin leaves.  Is growing in a basket to accommodate the pendant flower spike.  Vanilla Fragranced Blooms  Found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Guyana, French Guiana? and Surinam
Not available at this time    

Laelia alaorii  Miniature    Mounted on short tree branch From Brazil Sold
  Microsaccus wenzelii This is a very small (Tiny) species with short thick leaves that grow left/right.  From The Philippines SOLD    
Pleurothallis allenii mounted on Cholla wood which is from Mexico
This allenii is from Panama and is enjoying growing on this Cholla wood in a more shaded area.  See the picture - see the many flower buds.  Blooming time is spring, summer and fall
  Rhynchostylis gigantea red From Myanamar, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hainan China, Borneo, and the Philippines Medium sized - monopodial, Warm to hot growing, Vandanaceous epiphyte, Blooms in autumn and winter, Sweetly fragrant blooms  Last for about two weeks
They need ample bright light and even watering and fertilizer through out the year.
  Aerides odorata From Asia, such as the Philippines  Pendant spike with many waxy fragrant flowers
Good Fragrance
  Epidendrum radicans  Orange/Red         Tall reedy growth SOLD    

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